Why I Became An Area Consultant Part 2 by Ashley Roussel

(Continued from a post on July 13, 2011)

Think of Facebook and the six degrees of separation.  Friends are more likely to go to a “close friend’s” home than they would be to come to mine.  Therefore, I try to recruit hostesses that have different groups of closer friends.  And for my hostesses to receive merchandise credit for opening up their home for a few hours on one given day seemed to work well.  Yes, I do become the “traveling salesperson” for four weeks out of the year but I get to meet some great new people during that time.  I always enjoy bumping into them at Target or the grocery store later and asking them how their children are enjoying their clothes.   My husband is happier too, not only for the discount I receive on our children’s clothes but at least I am making some money with my clothes affection rather than spending it!  I can also use my creative energy to customize adorable outfits for other children rather than just my own.

I do love being an Area Consultant and all of the perks it brings however, it would not be possible without the tremendous support I get from all of the ladies in the Just Ducky office.  They are FABULOUS!   I am always so impressed with how quickly Dana can get me an answer to my question, usually right on the spot – that certainly helps the sale!  To have a great group of ladies as support for anything I need is truly one of the assets that allows Just Ducky to stand above the rest.

Ashley Roussel
Area Consultant
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