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Tuesday was a particularly hectic day! It started first thing that morning when the dash light came on in my car indicating a low tire.  Aargh. After getting the tire repaired-rusty nail- (luckily on the way to work) I arrived at the office now 30 minutes behind schedule with tons on my to do list. Upon arrival, I was informed that a JD sample trunk had not been picked up which meant we had to scramble around here in order to get another one overnighted to the next consultant. And so went the rest of the day….

I finished almost everything and rushed home in order to throw on my yoga duds and head to my favorite after-work activity: YOGA!!!  Somehow, yoga just draws me in no matter how busy my life is. Sure, I go to the gym and work out several times a week, but nothing makes me feel as good as practicing yoga for an hour and a half.

Many of you might think of yoga as a place to go to relax and meditate while sitting cross-legged on your mat. It is that, but there’s so much more. I’ve been practicing for almost ten years now and I really enjoy the challenging asanas in my yoga classes which don’t include sitting still. Somehow focusing on “hugging in” and “shining out” takes my mind off anything else that has been a cause for anxiety all day (or week, or month).  It’s like a yoga class gives my mind space to breathe. I’m learning a lot about how I handle stressful situations. (You try standing for 2 minutes with one leg straight up behind you and both hands on the ground while breathing deeply and staying calm!)  Since I’m not a particularly introspective type, perhaps it’s the focus on self that I like so much.  (Although, yoga teaches you to give not to receive.) 

Running a business, raising a family, living in the current economic times—all of these can be great anxiety producers. It’s really easy to let the “what ifs” overtake our thoughts. Yoga makes you substitute “what is” for “what if.”  You connect with the present, the here and now, for that 1.5 hour class.

Whatever it is, I usually feel like I float out of a yoga class and I find myself singing as I prepare dinner or wash the dishes—not a typical reaction to such mundane tasks.  What do you do that helps you escape your day, center yourself or clear your mind?  I’d love to know.

Sallie Broach
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  1. Jessica says:

    I love, love, love my hot yoga classes. I agree, yoga can totally change your outlook and your life! Great post!

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