Building a Better Easter

We love Easter at Just Ducky Originals and try to put our stamp on the holiday each year with festive girls Easter dresses, boys shortalls and onealls, and precious baby outfits that are fitting for the spring holiday that has us enjoying the outdoors at egg hunts and family get-togethers. This blogger mom is on a mission to make Easter as celebrated as Christmas. How does your family honor the Easter holiday?

Building A Better Easter

by Patricia of “Uncool Mom”

“Last year, in true Uncool Mom fashion—me always trying to re-engineer things and make them better—I once again set my sights on Easter.

I’ve always thought that Easter, the foundational holiday of Christianity, should be a much bigger deal than it is, and have always wondered why Christians don’t make as much fuss over it as Christmas. I mean, at least in my family, people don’t bend over backwards at Easter to try to be together by plane, train or automobile. Each individual family usually just “does their own thing” and that “thing” usually means new spring dresses for the females; Easter baskets hidden for the kids on Easter morning, filled with a few presents and candy; going to church; participating in an egg hunt or two (egg hunts that often are a week before Easter); and maybe going out to eat.

As kids grow older, the “Easter Bunny” and Easter baskets go away and the excitement over egg hunts diminishes as well, so eventually we’re down to going to church and going out to eat. Ho-hum.

Some would say great, that keeps the focus where it needs to be—church, but I say that Easter is a celebration that should go on all day, not just for an hour at a morning church service.” Read more here>>

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